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Are there any new Sarah ASMR videos leaked?


File: 1460559730513.png (1.28 MB, 1411x1470, fresh sarah.png) ImgOps Google

Do want..




File: 1462798400100.png (937.28 KB, 988x1635, more sarah.png) ImgOps Google


There's fresh Sarah somewhere


Really hope we get to see these soon.


new Sarah please


File: 1465816479604.jpg (664.12 KB, 1920x1920, 16720465252470880988.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

Just like to say thanks to board owner for that fresh Sarah.



that's Ellie Alien


Does anyone have the new condom video that was posted on the website? I was a bit late to the party…


File: 1466066602579.png (353 KB, 783x589, nusarah.png) ImgOps Google


It's still there.

13gb if you intend to download though.


Please someone re-up herhair bathtub topless vidoes


yes please reupload, I would really appreciate it


its not there for me


Anyone have a new link for this?


sup fags. Anyone having trouble downloading this vid from mega, use chrome instead of firefox. Firefox has a memorty issue with mega whereby it'll hang at 99% unless you have more system ram than the file you're downloading. Even then if firefox is memoryleaking all over the shop as it always does, you'll need more ram still. Chrome works fine.

Lemme know if you're sill having trouble. If so I'll make a torrent of it when I get round to it and link it here.



Ok. Try this.




Copy this into your address bar. If you've got a torrent app installed it should open with it automatically. Huge file though, and I'll not be leaving this machine on 24/7. So get as much as you can now.


Does somebody have a Sarah's "Funny Needles" video?


We need some fresh links people, I can find working download links for only like 2 videos and none of the google drive ones work


Funny Needles in the House





reup plz :(



could you upload them to asmr vola?


reup anyone? :)


bumb .. pls reup


We need new Sarah asmr



Hurry before its too late*



Damn thx


Dude this file it says invalid. Can you please send a valid link again?


still works for me


Thankssss and sorry Late reply but it worked. But can you make a torrent of her new videos?


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